Sunday, 18 September 2011

Car boot beauty

Hi girls,
So this morning my sister woke me up very early to go to a carboot with her which I wasn't at all happy about, until I saw a stall full of Collection 2000 makeup for 50p each. I did only pick up a few things as the shades weren't the best but I do like the products I got and for the price they were you can't really go wrong?!

Illuminating Touch Light Diffusing Concealer - Glow
I do like this concealer so far, it says on the side that it's best for under eyes so will just be sticking to that. As you may be able to tell I did get a darker shade than I should have aswell but this was the only one there!

Precision Colour Kohl Eyeliner - Purple Passion
I haven't tried this out on my eyes yet but I swatched it and the colour is very pretty! I bought this just to add a pop of colour to my eyes when I'm not feeling very adventurous.

Crystal Gloss Lipstick - Baby Crystal
I loved the colour of this when I saw it but after trying it out on my lips I don't think I'm that keen on it, there is no pigmentation to the colour so it's mainly just leaves alot of shimmer on your lips.

Lasting Colour Lipstick - Passionfruit
This is my new fave! The colour is beautiful and I have worn it all day today and am planning on wearing it tomorrow aswell, I defintly recommend getting this! The colour stays on for hours aswell.


  1. I love the color of the eyeliner!! VERY pretty!!
    Little Petite

  2. Ooo such good buys and pretty colours.
    Lucy x

  3. I love the lipstick, I would totally try that color it looks so fun!

    new follower >>

  4. Great buys, can't go wrong at those prices!!

    I've mentioned you on my page :)


  5. I love the concealer you have featured in your blog. it's really good.

    I've mentioned you in my blog =]