Saturday, 17 September 2011


So with my birthday being two weeks ago I still have a bit of money left over which I wanted to buy some GHD's out of, thing is I have no idea which ones?

I do want a pair that will curl my hair aswell and straighten it and have been advised by friends to go for the normal thin ones, not the big ones or the mini ones.

I've whittled it down to either getting the GHD IV Styler or the GHD Gold Classic Styler, anyone have any suggestions?


  1. the big ones are best for thick hair, you can curl with them - good for creating big curls think 50s glam!
    the thin ones are really good for tight curls & short hair. I have those as my hair is very short and they are easier to use for me.

    the normal ones are good for everything so those would probably be best :) the limited edition pink orchid ones are so gorgeous, the case they come in is lush!!

    you could always go in to a salon and ask the stylists, i'm sure they would be happy to help you choose!

    if you buy them online then be careful of fakes, there are SO many websites pretending to be official GHD their official site is and they have a website checker so you can check if a website is an approved stockist :)


  2. I have a limited edition pair of GHD's - The pink and white ones! The thinner ones are fab for straightening and curling hair but you definitely need to be careful of fakes!!! xx

  3. I have the GHD IV Styler blue. Any GHD IV Styler works a treat for both curling and straightening I've had GHD's since I was 17 and never used any other straightener after that! You can't go wrong!