Monday, 8 August 2011


I know I may be a bit late with this trend but I'm really unsure whether to buy some Levi's high waist shorts? After looking at some on ebay I do want to buy a pair as they are quite cheap and they would work in winter with a pair of tights aswell, the first image is the pair I'm thinking of getting.

What do you all think, is the trend over or will they still look good in colder weather?


  1. Cute!

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  2. They look really nice. :) Go for it. xxx

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  4. i would buy them! there gorgeous :) and you could always wear them with tights in the winter :) xx

  5. I really like them :) and if they are cheap you can wear them with tights in the winter and next summer without , this trend is not going anywhere :)

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    I think you should def. get those highwaisted cut-off levis! They are actually super versatile and can be molded into any look.
    For example, you can pair them with a fitted leather jacket for a sexy look, or an oversized leather jacket for total bad-assism. (Yes I made that word up lol).
    You can pair them with colourful tanktops for a laidback (almost california feel) look, or you can opt for a clean, sophisticated image by wearing a sheer blouse (tucking the ends inside the levis).

    *rattles on about the millions of ways to wear levis*

    SO yeah! Totally go for it!

    Mad love,

  7. Love my levis shorts, buy them. You won't regret it xxx

  8. The shorts are really most especially because they are studded so go for it. I am a new follower btw :)