Saturday, 27 August 2011

Little haul!

I went shopping a few day ago so thought I might aswell do a little haul post for you all :)

I decided to buy one of these concealers mainly because of all the hype surrounding it! I do have to admit though that for the price of it, it is amazing and in the few days I've had it I have used a lot of it!
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - £4.19
I'm in love with this lipstick at the moment! The colour of it is like a coral colour just a bit darker but it looks so pretty on and for a pound you can't go wrong anyway!
MUA Lipstick shade 7 - £1
This blusher was a bit of an impulse buy as I had to buy a new one because my old one had smashed that morning, but this blush is so pigmented and is a lovely light pink colour.
MUA Blusher shade 1 - £1
This is the last thing I bought from MUA, it's a white eyeliner pencil that I just use for my waterline to make my eyes look bigger and it does the job well!
MUA eyeliner snow white - £1
Swatches of the above products - eyeliner, lipstick, blusher, concealer.
I got this eye smudge brush from boots with a £5 off voucher so I got this for free but it works really well and I would happily pay the fiver for it!
Ruby & Millie eye smudge 7mm - £5
This fake tan is amazing! I recommend that everyone goes and buys it! I've tried so many wash off fake tans and this is by far the best, it goes on so evenly and leaves no streaks at all! I got the light shade but it's really buildable, even after 1 application the colour that's left is beautiful!
Rimmel sun shimmer - £6.12
Next I went to Primark and after always seeing these in the shop but never buying them I finally bought them, they aren't to everyone's taste but I love aztec patterns so why not?
Opia aztec triangle earrings - £2
Again I'd seen this in the store for a while so decided to pick them up and after buying a shark tooth necklace on holiday I love the look of these earrings!
Opia tooth earrings - £2
Sorry about how bad this looks in the photo, but when it's on it does look lovely. It's a light cream sheer pussybow blouse and I love how it's longer at the back than the front!
Primark sheer blouse - £8
You may recognise these from my OOTD, I can't remeber how much I paid for these but I think it was around £30 which I think is quite good for Topshop . I think these will look great with tights for winter aswell!
Finally, I just bought this cute little pen from WHSmith as it was only 99p and I do need to start getting stuff for college now!


  1. I can never find the lovely blouses in my primark! :(
    Lucy x

  2. Ah I need to try the collection 2000 concealer! Everything from primark is lovely :) x

  3. I have the MUA lipstick in shade 7. I think it is quite possibly my favourite lipstick EVER. I also LOVE the top! Its gorgeous... x x

  4. Great blog. I have the rimmel fake tan too and love it. x

  5. I love Primark! Its great! I am going to the Birmingham one on Wednesday! I have recently got my ears pierced and I will soon be able to change them, and I love both of those pairs, I also saw them on another blog and fell in love!

  6. Fun haul!:D Thanks for sharing, I am loving the flowy cream top.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  7. My Primark always run out of the small sizes in their pussybow blouses :( so annoying as I really want more of them without having to shell out a lot of money xx