Monday, 25 February 2013

Long time no speak

It's a little short of a year since the last time I blogged and I do apologise for that but I just wasn't feeling motivated at all to carry on with this and I didn't feel inspired to write about anything! However that's all changed now and I've been really itching to come back and tell you all about new things I've discovered, so here I am!

A lot has happened over the time I've been gone. I took my first step towards growing up by getting a proper job which has made me feel so much more independent after heavily relying on my parents in the past. I realised how many 'fake friends' I had and decided that there was no space for them in my life anymore and as well as this I finally decided what I want to do in the future by applying to university, hopefully this will include a lot of travelling!

 I do want to say a big thank you to all the followers who've stuck with me for the time that I've been gone. I really do appreciate it but I am back now and have a lot of posts already lined up for you!

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