Saturday, 20 August 2011

Foundation help?

So I've ran out of foundation and also threw a lot away that I don't use so now I am looking for a new one and was wondering if you ladies could help me choose one as I currently have no idea what I want!
The only things that would be a must for the foundation is that is has good coverage and is affordable, I've decided I don't want to be spending my money on Clinque foundations anymore when I could get a cheaper one.
I was thinking about the Bourjois healthy mix? but am not sure on the coverage,
I've had the Rimmel true match and was going to get this but thought I'd try a new one.
I'm not looking at buying the natural collection ones as they don't seem to work for me.
I was also thinking about a Maxfactor one?

Sorry this is a bit rambly, basically does anyone recommend a cheap, good coverage foundation?


  1. iv heard great things about the healthy mix foundation. I currently have been using macs face and body, and i love love love it.

  2. I think the bourjois one is supposed to be good? xxx

  3. I love L'Oreal True Match :) Been using it for years. Blends into skin so easily!<3

  4. I use a maybelline one!! :)Its great and lasts ages as well!!! Definitely worth the £8. xx

  5. i use maybelline dream satin liquid on days where i need good coverage, and bourjois healthy mix on days where my skin is not too bad (: i love them both! good luck! x

  6. Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish is really good! :) xxx

  7. I use maybelline dream satin liquid, i get so many compliments on it! i also use maybelline creamy dream or something :) It's great for dry skin. and not like the silly dream matte mousse. And i also use the maybelline 24 hr super stay! :) I'm on my fourth of each of these! so :) x
    Lucy x

  8. My all time fave foundation has to be Maxfactor's Experiance foundation - just £9.99 and gives great coverage but still looks natural. It comes in a vast range of shades so you will find one to match, and while it gives good coverage, it doesnt feel too heavy on your skin :) xx

  9. Hi Love your blog! =)
    My top 4 choices for affordable foundations are;
    Loreal True Match - They have a great colour selection and provide great coverage thats buildable.

    Bourjois Healty Mix - This gives a great dewy finish - similar to nars sheer glow. (down fall is theres not a lot of shades to select from)

    Maybelline Fit ME! Foundation - Also a dewy finish like nars sheer glow. (20+ shades!)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOREAL IDEAL BALANCE FOUNDATION - but it has been discontinued (you can still by it on ebay fairly cheap tho!) (this gives more of a natural matte finish.